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Training on Microbiology

 1. General and Safety Instructions for Working in Microbiology Lab.

2. Bio-Instrumentation for Wet Lab.

3. Working with Autoclave, Hot-Air Oven, Laminar Air Flow, Microscope and   other  

    Microbiological Laboratory Instruments.

4. Handling of Micropipettes, Petri plates, Spreaders, Inoculation Loop and other

    Microbiological Tools.

5.  Identification and Classification of  Microbes.

6. Culturing of Microbes.

7. Types of Culture Media.

8. Media Preparation.

9. Solid and Liquid Media Preparation.

10. Preparation of Cotton Plug, Plugging for Bacterial Cultures.

11. Sterilization Process.

12 .Chemical Sterilization Process.

13 .Physical Sterilization Process.

14 .Pouring of Media on Plates.

15. Isolation and Culturing of Microbes from Soil Sample (Through Serial

      Dilution Method).

16. Isolation and Culturing of Microbes from Water Sample (Through Serial

     Dilution Method).

17.  Isolation and Culturing of Microbes from Air (Through Exposure Method).

18. Pure Culture Technique.

19 . Pour Plate Technique.

20 . Spread Plate Technique.

21 . Various Streaking Methods.

22 . Pure Culture Isolation through Solid Media.

23.  Pure Culture Isolation through Suspension Culture.

24 . Maintenance of Pure Culture.

25 . Slant Preparation & Sub Culturing of Microbes.

26 . Morphological Behaviour of Microbes.

27 . Staining Techniques.

(A) Gram Staining.                   (B) Endospore Staining.

28.  Biochemical Tests.

(A) Catalase Test.  (B) Mannitol Fermentation Test.    (C) VP Test etc.

29. Evaluation of Nutritional Requirements of Microbes.

30. Optimization of Culture Conditions of Microbes.

31. Study of Growth Pattern of Microbes.                                                                

32. Effect of pH, Temperature, Salinity, Precursors, Inhibitors and Elicitors on Growth of  Microbes.                                                                                                                 

33.  Effect of Physical and Chemical Mutagen on Growth of Microbes.

34. Study of Inter-species and Intra-species Microbial Interactions.

35.  Primary Screening of Active Microbes.

36.  Secondary Screening of Active Microbes.

37.  Fermentation Techniques.

38.  Isolation and Characterization of Antibiotics from Microbes.

39.  Isolation and Characterization of Bacteriocin from Microbes.

40.  Antibiotics Sensitivity Test.

41.  Evaluation and Determination of Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC).

42.  Isolation and Characterization of Multiple Drug Resistant Micro-organisms


43.  LB-Media Preparation, Inoculation and Culturing of E. coli.